Altero Accessories and Co, established in 1986 in Thessaloniki Greece and first brand name was Altero Beltmakers. It was then that the handmade stitching on the vegetable leathers, the youthful calloused hands from the belt polishing, the metallic rail on the wooden dining table from the ‘60s steering the blade on the leather, the process of gently patting the leather dye, the waxes spreading to give the shine or maturation needed, all of this creates the scenery from the first handmade production in our workshop.

Almost thirty years later, Altero Accessories & Co is a modern high equipped company and continues to process leather and manufactures belts, straps, purses and various accessories by maintaining the philosophy of expertise, exclusivity and handmade products.

Specialized craftsmen realize fashion trends, but also designers’ suggestions in the clothing companies. They process leather using the latest machinery, while creating special designs with handmade touches, which makes our products unique. The company is bound by international health and safety standards and by the code of ethics and conduct.

The company’s highly developed design department combines harmoniously the colors of the leathers, the metallic equipment, the engravings, the pyrography on leathers, the maturations, the washings, the oxidation of metals in such a way that an exquisite result is achieved on leather accessories, which proves the company’s high aesthetics.



Retail customers, grew accustomed to fast fashion changes and shortening fashion cycles, demanding extensive variety of fashion products, outside the typical two seasons fashion cycle.

In addition, retail customers have realized that the “Made in Europe” origin of is implicit of better quality standards, assuming ethical sourcing procedures, respect for environmental issues and last but not least, jobs in the clothing and accessories industry are contained within the European continent.

Hence the Altero Accessories brand represents a set of values, as well as, strong commitment to the deliverables to our partners needs for quality, flexibility and speed, all in competitive pricing through target costing.



Altero Accessories & Co.as shown on the organization chart earlier, provides integrated production of complete garments to its brand/retail partners, shop ready for their downstream operations.

The company through its coordinating capabilities can swiftly deliver in precalculated time slots agreed with our partners, leather garments to be delivered to their distribution centers, ready to be merchandised within store chains. Proximity to all European consumer markets, combined with the necessary efficiency due to speed of execution, gives Altero Accessories a competitive edge for all garments produced and guarantees high quality levels for all production.

Concisely the organization chart provided by Altero Accessories is the follow:



The Idea

Design specifications

Leathers and metal parts development

Prototype creation.
Pattern construction and grading.
Size charts for precise fittings.


Target costing taking into account retail pricing

Sampling facilities

Multiple salesman samples for showrooms

Production department

Sourcing of leathers through supply chain linkages

Sourcing of metal parts (buckles, ornaments) through supply chain linkages.
Laundering and finishing processes.

Quality control department

Quality standards maintained throughout the supply chain


Special according packages


Forwarding to distribution centers